Welcome to St Luke’s in the High Street, your local Anglican Church (Church of England), in Walthamstow’s High St, north-east London, England. We’re one of the four churches that make up the Anglican Parish of Walthamstow.

We’re a bit different from your average Anglican Church, as we don’t have a building, and don’t have regular church-type meetings on Sundays. Instead, we have a stall at the Walthamstow Farmers’ Market on Sundays, offering tea, coffee, and cakes from 10am-2pm. And our vicar, Revd. Tony Cant, manages the Farmers’ Market, as well as doing the things you might think a regular vicar does.

At St Luke’s, our Big Idea is, “To create various small expressions of God’s Hope in the High St area so that through them and with us, people can experience God’s life for themselves.” A shorthand way of saying that is that we’re interested in, “Holding out Hope”.

As we try to live out our Big Idea, we want to do it in ways that are: “Generous, Responsive, Embracing, New, Transformative.”

At the moment, what that looks like in practical terms is:

  • Not being restricted to Sundays;
  • Having a Community Stall in the Farmers’ Market;
  • Tony being the Farmers’ Market Manager;
  • Weekly meeting in café for late breakfast and discussion about ordinary life and God;
  • Running a weekly friendship club for older people;
  • Running a weekly friendship club for young people;
  • Raising funds for Worth Unlimited (a local Charity working with young people).
  • Supporting the Christian Kitchen (a local Charity feeding homeless people every night).
  • Weekly meeting together for prayer, worship, teaching, encouragement, and sacraments;
  • Weekly updates on our blog.

So, please keep in touch with us. If you want to give us a hand to achieve any of those things above, we’d really appreciate your help. You can contact us through this blog, or come to the Farmers’ Market every Sunday between 10am-2pm, at the top of Walthamstow’s High St.

We hope you had an unusually pleasant experience in meeting us, and we wish you every blessing in life.

From the crew at St Luke’s in the High Street.

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