Posted by: Postordinandy | December 24, 2010

And after the silence… an update

There has been a distinct lack of input on this blog for a while now, and for that I can only apologise.

Life has been busy here at St Luke’s, and time for updates limited. I have been with the Moot community – picking up some hours and experience with them as part of a project for my studies, and shortly there should be an entry here about some of the key similarities and differences about our two communities.

The most significant piece of news is that I am writing this blog entry from a different location. You may remember that we have been looking towards running some form of community house, and this is something we are now experimenting with in 3 (or possibly 4) -D.

The sale of the ‘old church’ building has not been as quick as we hoped, and so we are not in a position to move forwards with buying anywhere, and might not be for some time yet.. With this reality in mind, my wife and I suggested to the rest of the community that we might consider seeing if there was somewhere to rent in the short-term instead – so we could further discern what shape such an expression of our church life might take. The church members unanimously agreed, and to our huge encouragement, we discovered that there were the funds to bridge the gap between the actual rent costs of any likely property and the amount we as a family could offer.

And then we started to look for something…

A few houses came up, but all were either too far from the High Street (our identified centre of mission), too small, and/or too expensive for our perceived needs.

In a twist that has some resonance with our personal histories, the sensible deadline for anything to happen had all but passed when I received a phone call from a local Estate Agency, asking if we were still looking for somewhere. With no real hope or expectation, I viewed the house, and took a ream of photos to show my wife and others in the church. I have to be honest and say I wasn’t entirely convinced, even after seeing the house, but my wife was sufficiently encouraged by the photos to arrange a viewing herself the next day – taking one of the other church members along with her. The day after that, it was the church treasurer who was taken along, and two days after that we had put the deposit down. Within three days of that, we had found a family interested in renting our house, and it was all systems go…

Two weeks, one day and four hours after my initial viewing, we had moved in. The house has a large through-room, a decent kitchen, and a great garden. There is even storage space for the Farmers’ Market Stall (or will be, once I clear the allocated space of random junk). We as a family have a couple of bedrooms and and office space to use: the adults’ bedroom is big enough to use as ‘breakout space’ for us all when downstairs is being used and we are not needed.











The vision is deceptively simple for the house: we will spend the next six months or so trying things out. The church community has ideas aplenty, some are more practical and/or immediately achievable than others, and others but this is a time principally for testing the relationship between these ideas and our capacity to invest in them significantly enough for them to thrive.

We have already hosted our first event – the monthly community meal was morphed into a pre-Christmas / house-warming gathering – which was marvellous.

Watch this space for more regular updates!



  1. I look forward to hearing (and experiencing) what your Community House will be like. Can you be more specific about some of the things you are going to be trying? And can you use this blog as a reflection device each time you try something new (whether planned or otherwise)? I am interested in thinking with you about how we can use the house with some of the vulnerable young people we come across at our offices.

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