Posted by: Postordinandy | October 19, 2010

The Pit Of Despair, and other issues…

We looked at a couple of Psalms the other week, and noticed a potential problem. Psalm 30 speaks of God sparing the writer from ‘the pit’ (verse3); yet in Psalm 40 the writer has to be rescued from ‘the pit’ (verse 2)…

What are we to make of these pits, and how do they speak to our own lives and situations? A reader who is only aware of Psalm 30 might expect God to save his people from all trials and tribulations – or at least protect them from anything truly significant and lasting. One who only reads Psalm 40 will expect God to rescue them from disaster, albeit that they may have to wait patiently for him to do so (verse 1).

So, do we get to avoid slimy pits, or not? A brief look at the reality of life would seem to indicate that Christians are no less likely to be tripped and trapped by the troubles of this life. Enemies taunt, situations get tricky, problems arise, projects fail or falter – and where is God?

Individually and corporately, few of us experience trouble-free lives; many would be able to share instances that they would consider to be testimony to some form of divine intervention, yet many others will tell of long-term hardship of some kind, with no obvious sign of rescue or reprieve.

We are a young, and fragile church here at St Luke’s. We have ventured onto the mission-field on the unsure legs of a newborn foal, and have learned to hold the hand of our heavenly Father as we walk with him. Some of the things we have wondered about doing have got nowhere; others have shown signs of growth only to splutter to a stop; still others appear to be going healthily in the direction we expected them to. We have felt stuck, liberated and are aware of pitfalls we have avoided – occasionally at the same time.

Looking at the two Psalms, it appears we can expect all of the above to be our experience of walking together, with God. We can expect to be saved, spared and/or comforted in trouble; we must expect God’s presence with us, but we may not always feel it tangibly; we trust that He guides us, but we cannot always hear His voice clearly; we wait patiently for the Lord to hear our cry – just as He waits patiently for us to respond to His call.



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