Posted by: Postordinandy | October 9, 2010

The Race

The stadium is full to overflowing for the big race, the crowd shout, whistle and clap their encouragements as the bright lights throw luminous shadows over the athletes taking up their positions at the start.

The camera pans over each contestant in turn, their bodies tense, their minds focussed, their eyes fixed on the finish line – so close, so far away. Name, country of origin, age – each has journeyed so far already to get here, each has put so much in, worked so hard.

Panning from left to right then, we first see the bookies favourite: a fantastic track record, a true professional, a class act. This one is brimming with confidence, she knows that she’ll cross the finish line fast and well, leaping each hurdle gracefully, a textbook example of how to run the race.

Next to her we have? Well Brian, we don’t know much about this one, although if he’s been selected to run he must have some promise. Looks a little overawed by it all if I’m honest.

Next we have the crowd’s favourite: on his day a sure winner, wobbles occasionally though, always keeps you guessing, always seems to take success or failure in good humour. There’s the trademark grin at the camera!

Then it’s the wild-card, never had a top three finish, but always gives her all. Probably thinking about the last race – a disaster where she completely mistimed her first jump and cracked her shins painfully on the hurdle, felling the runner in the next lane in the process. It will be interesting to see if she has the psychological focus for this one.

Next to her is the oldest contestant left in the competition, a medal winner on this track in previous events, but the big question has to be: should he have retired at the end of last season? We’ll have an idea within the next 2 minutes.

Finally, we have the easiest athlete to commentate on – if past form is anything to go for anyway… fourth place in her last 12 races, knocking over 3 hurdles in each – she always crosses the finish line at least.

Hebrews 12:1-3


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