Posted by: Postordinandy | February 25, 2010

Ethical Addictions & addictive community

We were joined at one of monthly community meals by Ian who runs Ethical Addictions – who supply our stall at the Farmers’ Market with the freshly made, delicious, ethically sourced and fairly traded coffee our customers love so much!

Ian shared some of the EA story (start here, well worth taking time to read about!), and we also heard about the Christian community he is a part of – and discovered much common ground in terms of both principle and practice.

Ian and a small group of others have been exploring meaningful and intentional Christian living for a number of years, and he described their pattern of meeting and eating with each other and those around them. Internally, they meet once a week – always around a meal – and enjoy exploring issues of a spiritual nature together. They have a monthly ‘open house’ style breakfast, where up to 40 or more people descend on their house for bacon butties, cups of tea and casual conversation. It was encouraging to hear that there is no expectation placed on those who pop along to behave in a particular way or talk about particular issues. Ian mentioned a mix of people who come along: neighbours, family of neighbours, friends of friends of friends… who come along regularly or randomly; some of whom have entered into a deeper level of relationship with Ian and the others who are part of his ‘hmm, maybe we are a church after all’ community.

For our immediate family, it was particularly encouraging to hear of the occasion when Ian’s youngest son was dedicated. This happened in the garden of their house, and the many friends and neighbours they have were all invited. It sounded like a cracking time, and Ian said a good number of guests commented that it was fun, refreshingly short (a pleasant contrast to other baptismal occasions they had experienced!), and made them think about something of the wider spiritual context.

Ian and the others are involved in a number of activities, some more intentional or ‘spiritual’ than others. It does seem that God is blessing them – people have found or rediscovered faith, and it is clear that even those they come into contact with who are deeply suspicious about Christianity think of them warmly. It was also great to be able to share some of our experience with a fellow traveller.

Visit the Ethical Addictions website, buy the coffee, embrace the principles, and live a life that encourages others to explore the God who is behind all of this.


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