Posted by: Postordinandy | December 19, 2009

Carols at the Farmers’ Market

If you are within reach of Walthamstow High Street any Sunday between 10am and 2pm, do pop in and see us at the Farmers’ Market – within 2 mins walk of Walthamstow Central Bus/Tube & Rail Stations!
We are there every week, selling cakes and hot drinks – offering a listening ear and a (mostly) happy face to the other stall holders and customers.

To slightly misquote the Faithless song “God is a DJ” – this is our church!

From time to time we like to do provide an extra service, and this Sunday (Dec 20th) some folk from the churches we share a parish with will be coming along to sing a few jolly Christmas Carols, while we serve freshly made Mulled Wine, and present prizes to the winners of the Advent Draw we have been running.

Carols will start by midday, mulled wine will be served as long as we have it in stock, prizes will be awarded once the singing has ceased.

See you there?


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