Posted by: Postordinandy | October 13, 2009

Exilio: Group Challenges

We are coming to the end of our engagement with the ‘Exilio’ course now. There has been much to think about on the way, and no doubt much we will need to revisit and grapple with in the months to come. One key part of the course is the challenges set by Mike Frost. We have listed them below (titles in bold refer to chapters in Frost’s book “Exiles“) – feel free to take up any you want to (let us know how you get on). At least one of us from St Luke’s will be attempting each of the challenges, and we hope to blog in the future about how we got on.


Exiled from a Hyper-real World

Keep a notepad on you at all times and for one week write down all the lies your culture tells you via TV commercials, TV shows, shopping malls, etc. Next to each lie from culture make a note of what the Bible says about these things.

The Exile’s Esprit de Corps

Interview 5 people (Christian and/or non-Christian), explaining firstly to them what the term ‘communitas‘ means. Then ask them to identify any experiences they have had that could be described as communitas.

Fashioning Collectives of Exiles

Make a commitment to bless at least one person each day for one week (both Christian and non-Christian) and Journal your reaction to the responses you get – see page 150 for examples.

Exiles at the Table

Watch one of the following movies: Babette’s Feast; Big Night; or Chocolat. Design a communal feast for Christians that takes Paul’s words in 1 Cor 11:23-26 seriously, but includes the elements of joy, hospitality, and feasting shown in those films. Include a menu.

Working for the Host Empire

Keep a Journal for one week, identifying all the ways in a typical week that your work and your lifestyle reflects your role as an apprentice to God’s work in the world.

Restless with Injustice

Enlist a group of friends to agitate on behalf of the poor. Choose a local or global organisation that is working for the good of the poor and oppressed and take part in one of their campaigns with your group of friends.

Exiles and the Earth

Watch the film: An Inconvenient Truth, and then go online at and take the ecological footprint quiz to determine how much productive land and water is required to support what you use and what you discard.

Comforting the Oppressed

Visit the websites listed on p332 of exiles under the heading ‘on religious persecution’. Write a list of 10 things you could personally do to support your brothers and sisters who suffer persecution. Pray through the list and choose some to act upon.

Exiles at the Alter / The Songs of Revolution

Write a song or poem to help convey the radical truth about the parallel world of the Kingdom in opposition to the host empire.


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