Posted by: Postordinandy | June 8, 2009

We have Ignition…

ignitionAs part of the ‘Exilio’ course, we have just started a 12-week programme called “Ignition”. The general idea is to revisit the book of Acts together, and try out some practical applications of the things we begin to reflect on. We have been set a number of challenges – you are welcome to join in if you feel able!

This week there are two things we have been asked to do:

1) Try to read the bible in a public place – not to ‘show off’, but to reflect on how this informs our understanding of the text.

2) Read Acts chapters 1 & 2, and record our reflections in a journal as appropriate, (we’ll chat about this next time we meet together).

What are we hoping to get out of Ignition, etc?

  • That it gives us a bit of discipline.
  • That it will give us a framework & structure for reflecting on the issues at hand.
  • That we will become more accountable to each other.
  • That we have an increase in motivation – since we will be ‘forced’ to think about the issues before & after the event.
  • That we will increase in our ability to reflect on our missional thinking and on ourselves.
  • That the process irretrievably changes us.

We will also spend some time thinking through some of our activities as a church community – particularly what we think we are doing when we meet together in the Pop-In Café each Sunday morning (10.45am to 12, do come along!)

Please watch this space, and contribute as you are able


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