Posted by: Postordinandy | April 27, 2009

Learning to learn together

We spent some time recently thinking about how we can best learn together.


No rocket science needed here, the solution is pretty straightforward: we should learn stuff, and we should try to do it together.



Ok, so maybe a little elaboration would help.

kolb cycle

David Kolb has suggested a ‘cycle of learning’, using experience as the catalyst for development. According to Kolb, we shouldn’t return to the same “concrete experience”, or at least – not in the same way, because we bring ourselves to each experience in a new way.


In the context of our fledgling church community, this process is considerably stronger and more effective when we are on the ‘cycle’ together. We certainly have some who excel at (re)creating experiences of church and mission, etc. These people are often not the most skilled or inclined at the reflection needed to fully understand what is going on, but thankfully we have these skills present in others. And so, as a community, we relate our experiences to our theology and allow each to be – carefully, appropriately, tentatively – shaped by the other.


We need to hold each other accountable as we try to wrestle with the tensions of doing vs. being, of acting vs. reflecting. Action without reflection will lead us down many blind alleys, and leave us exhausted quite quickly. But reflection disconnected from action can quickly cause a stagnation that will drain us from life in other ways.



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