Posted by: Postordinandy | March 18, 2009

St Luke’s Psalms 2009 v4.0

Here’s the final instalment from the ‘Psalms Consequences’ exercise we did in January this year:



Oh praise you O Lord of heaven and earth

Because you are full of mercy

And you are more precious to me than anything else.

The sea is rich, and all creatures are amazingly varied.

You give me strength when I am weak.

I trust in you because you gave your life for me.

So I will evermore be your willing servant.



O Lord our father

Because he is a loving God

And our lives depend only on you.

The greatest thing is that he cares for me

I love you Jesus because you saved me from emptiness

Therefore I will follow you all the days of my life.



God, you’re great!

Because you are merciful and always care for us.

The colours and shades of the hillsides,

And the infinite diversity of the living things.

I think he helps me a lot because you died for me, for all of my sins.

Therefore I will always believe in your love.


[see Feb 26th for the outline of how these were put together]


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