Posted by: Postordinandy | March 11, 2009

St Luke’s Psalms 2009 v3.0

Another couple of Psalms from the ‘Psalms Consequences’ exercise we did in January this year:



Father God, I worship you

Because you have a wild imagination

And are forgiving.

The fields are beautiful and the trees grow so strong.

You sustain me.

I think you will help me, because I know you will.

I will continue to follow you!

All praise goes to the most high God

Because I love the Lord

And he’s always faithful.

Your sun is lovely and warm, and your flowers are beautiful!

For you guide my path in difficult times.

Thank you Jesus, because you’ve shown us how to live.

I will try to show your love through my life.



Lord, I bow down to worship you

Because you created all things and bless what you have made

And you are forever generous.

You gave us the sun to brighten our days

And fresh air for us to breathe.

You’ve given me such wonderful gifts in life.

I thank you Jesus because you are there.

Therefore I will serve you daily.


[see Feb 26th for the outline of how these were put together]


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