Posted by: Postordinandy | March 6, 2009

St Luke’s Psalms 2009 v2.0

Here’s some more of the Psalms from the ‘Psalms Consequences’ exercise we did in January this year:



Praise the Lord!

Because you are always there,

And you never fail to rescue me.

For the wonders of nature and mankind,

You give us peace.

I need you Jesus because without you I am nothing.

I will be bolder in sharing your story with others.



Lord, you are the king of the universe,

Because you are our Lord and Creator,

And are most wonderful.

Heaven and earth.

You show me the right way to live my life.

I follow you because you are my redeemer

And are always faithful.

Therefore I will try to live by your example.



Here I am Lord,

Because your love is so amazing

And you are faithful to your people.

You created all the earth in its beauty,

The sun to give us life, and the plants to give us food.

You give me the new opportunities each day.

Can you help me create strategic relationships, because they are beyond me.

Therefore I will try to always have time for you.


[see Feb 26th for the outline of how these were put together]


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