Posted by: Postordinandy | March 1, 2009

Lent with St Luke’s #1 & #2

Fasting, from both food and festivities is a traditional mark of Lent. Some fast for the whole of the Lent period, while others surrender a particular vice such as favourite foods or smoking.


Lent is also used by many as a chance to ‘take stock’ of life. To make a little more time for ourselves and those around us; to think about the wider issues of life; and to ‘give something back’.


We at St Luke’s invite you to share Lent with us this year, by taking up some or all of the challenges that we’ll blog each day from now (Sunday 1st March – I know, we should have started on Ash Wednesday…) until Easter Sunday. We’ve produced them all in a booklet which we have given to the Stall Holders on the Farmers’ Market, and will continue to hand out each Sunday to any customers who want it.


Some are easier than others, most don’t require a lit of forward planning. But doing them may just change you life a little for the better. Don’t worry if some are too hard, or if you forget a few days – just give some of them a go.


Lent #1: Gather your loose change… put it somewhere at the end of each day, and donate what you collect during Lent to a local charity.

Lent #2: Learn some basic 1st Aid. Training courses are available at: St John’s Ambulance:  &  Red Cross:



  1. […] Another of the people there Tony whose  Church St Luke’s I’ve linked to before are also publishing regular Lent ideas if you’re not yet inspired! Their first two are here. […]

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