Posted by: Postordinandy | February 26, 2009

St Luke’s Psalms 2009

A few weeks back we created some Psalms together. We used a technique known as ‘Psalm Consequences’, a little like the game you may have played as a child. The ‘rules’ are as follows:

Each person has a piece of paper & a pen. They write a line of a Psalm down, following the outline below, fold the paper over so what they have written is hidden from view, and then pass it on to the person to their right – who completes the next stage, and so on. Once completed, the Psalms are passed on once more and then read out.

Some of the Psalms seemed to work pretty well, and while none challenge David’s work for a place within the Canon of Scripture, we hope that God was happy enough with them.


Stages of Psalm Consequences: write the following…

1)      An address of praise to God

2)      An aspect of God’s character, beginning with ‘because’

3)      As above, but starting with ‘and’

4)      Two things about how wonderful God’s creation is

5)      Something that God does for us personally

6)      Personal message for Jesus, with ‘because’ in the middle

7)      Write a resolution (i.e. therefore…)


We’ll publish the results over the next few weeks, but here’s one to be getting on with…


Merciful, loving, heavenly father

Because you created me in your image

And your love is the utmost.

The beauty of the skies and the power of the sea.

He looks after me at all times.

Lord Jesus we serve you, because you gave everything for us.

Therefore I’m hoping.


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