Posted by: Postordinandy | February 3, 2009

Matt, and ‘learning to play again’

Our friend Matt has written some interesting thoughts prompted by our lovely recent snowfall: matt

Last week I visited the St Luke’s in the High Street church service on Wednesday evening. They were discussing worship and what it is all about. One of the things that we talked about was that worship is about your entire life and the choices we make both in the big things (where to live, what vocation to pursue, what church community to be a part of), and the small things (whether we bother to go to church, what we say or don’t say in a particular conversation, etc.) I mentioned that I thought sung worship was about a sense of connecting to God. Good music will give you energy and life and this helps us to respond to God (he created music after all). I also explained that I get a similar sense of connectedness with God, of life and energy when I stand amongst a mountain range, or when I sit by the sea and watch the waves crashing, or by the peaceful stillness of a lake.

I was thinking about this again today when we were playing in the snow. Firstly as snow is so rare here in London, there is a sense of wonderment about it – God’s awesome creation in motion again, creating a new fresh expression of our world. A white blanket covering the greys and the blacks of our physical community. There is probably some theological reflection to be made here…

But what got me the most was seeing adults (including myself!) lost in wild abandon – playing with each other in the snow! As I ran around with the children piling snow over my head, laughing and shrieking, there was something that made me feel connected to the goodness of God and his creation – as I played I felt God’s pleasure (in the words of that guy in Chariots of Fire)! At one point I laid down in the snow and looked up as the snow flakes descended from heaven – it was amazing! I am convinced that one of the things that the church (in general as well as specifically in Walthamstow) need to do is learn to play again. To learn to experience the joy and laughter of playing in the snow, splashing in the paddling pool and throwing the odd water bomb! When we play and laugh with each other, I wonder if that’s when we can experience a brief glimpse of what it is like to be fully human again.



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