Posted by: Postordinandy | January 26, 2009

The Challenge of Advent

We listened to a pod-cast of a sermon around the themes of Advent (by Rev Kelvin Wright in NZ – “Choices”). Tony then asked us to consider the following questions (in bold). Our responses follow:

In the light of our discussions over the past few weeks (spiritual gifts), what do we understand by the question: ‘what has God asked me (us) to do?’

  • God’s angel asked Mary to bear the Son of God, and she said yes…
  • God’s angel asked Joseph to adopt Jesus as his own, and take Mary as his wife, and he said yes…
  • God asked us to relocate our church to the High Street, and we said yes…
  • God asked us to go onto the High Street and be his church to those who do not go to church, and we said yes…
  • God asked us to serve those on the High Street, and we said yes…
  • God asked us to come to you, and we said yes…
  • God asked us to be consistent, and we said yes…
  • God asked us to bring a glimpse of his flavours and colours to the High Street, and we said yes…
  • God asked us to be responsive, and we said yes…

What have we learned about ourselves individually, as a result of saying yes?

  • I am faithful & obedient
  • I can take risks, and go beyond my comfort zone
  • I am prepared to do what God asks me
  • I can serve God even when I don’t want to, or when I can’t see how it is serving God
  • I don’t want to let others (co-workers, stall-holders & ‘punters’) down
  • I somehow need this level of discomfort and challenge to achieve the energy I need to serve God
  • Mission is good for me

What have we learned about ourselves corporately?

  • We work well together
  • We are an effective team
  • We back each other up
  • We put ourselves out for each other
  • We notice others needs, and respond
  • We have grown together and towards God
  • We have an increased identity
  • We have increased our capacity to be honest and vulnerable
  • We’re still on a journey
  • We have some experience of the liminality & communitas we discussed in theory
  • Mission is good for us
  • We can’t hide, and this is largely a good thing

What have we learned about being Missionaries?

  • We can’t do everything
  • We need to step up and do what we are called to do
  • We can’t predict what God is going to do, or how he will do it, as a result of our saying yes

Generals on the battlefield/footbal managers

  • We need to respond to God, and be prepared to do so at the last minute
  • We need to be, and have been, consistent in what we do & how we do
  • There is always more to learn
  • The reality of Praxis – allowing our theology & practice to inform and shape each other
  • To trust that God will deal with the ‘end product’ – what ever that is!
  • Missionary activity is a ‘24-7-365’ activity & mindset
  • Mission happens both by accident and by intention
  • Mission as our ‘Primary Organising Principle’ vs. Worship as POP

How well do you think we have aligned ourselves to God’s will, and to co-operating with Him?

  • We are willing
  • Not sure what ‘success’ is
  • Clear calling vs. our ‘gut’ – we respond as we are able to, (some surrender to experimentation & risk taking)
  • Accept ‘seasonal realities’
  • Searching in the dark is still searching, (but there is more light than we sometimes see)
  • We display a mixture of ‘transferred’ (reflected) & ‘transmitted’ (God shining through) light (maybe more transmitted)

What are the next things we need to do to align ourselves with God’s will?

  • Being intentionally reflective regarding our work on the High Street


Our Church….?

  • Has more people ‘in’ it than they even know
  • Belongs to those we meet with and serve – and they serve us too
  • Is liked by those we work alongside – and thought of fondly in most of the traditional churches
  • Is supported by the wider structures


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  2. From one who thinks of St Luke’s in the High St more than fondly … this is so exciting. Mission as POP rather than worship; very scary.

    God bless you with peace in the risk.

    Keep it coming.

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